A New Adventure

I’m really excited to announce that I’ve founded Ryanintheus LLC, my own company offering Marketing & Influencer Services.  As CEO and head strategist I’ll be able to leverage and lead an incredible support team curated from my huge network of leading marketers, influencers and content creators.  This is an exciting new adventure for me, after founding a nonprofit back in 2010 and having thoroughly enjoyed the experience of building and leading that team over five years I’m really looking forward to being my own boss and building a place for others to succeed as well.

As a senior executive for the past five years at two of the worlds top agencies I’ve learned a lot about how marketing should and shouldn’t be done, and as a result have very strong beliefs about how to architect marketing ecosystems that actually deliver what all companies want, customers!  Similarly, as a social influencer being engaged by brands across the globe I have first hand knowledge of how to successfully leverage and engage influencers to get results.  Because I know so many influencers personally, I can match your company with exactly the right influencers to create successful long-term partnerships.

Ryanintheus LLC Marketing & Influencer Services

  • Marketing Strategy
    • Integrated and Content Marketing Strategy
    • Brand Strategy and Development
    • Web and Analytics Strategy
    • Social Media Strategy
    • Paid Media Strategy
  • Influencer Marketing
    • Influencer Strategy
    • Influencer Engagement and Management (travel, adventure, food, fashion, tech, music)
  • Content Creation
    • Photography & Video
    • Blog Writing
  • Social Media Training (click here for more information)
    • Executive Social Media Coaching
    • Employee Social Media Training

For more information about Ryanintheus LLC’s Marketing & Influencer Services please click here.  For more about me and my professional experience click here.  To contact me about any of  the services listed above please fill out the form below.

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Written by Ryan Hodgson